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CRS Marble and Granite

CRS Marble and Granite
Trends in countertops are always changing, and CRS Marble & Granite is always up to date with fresh selections.  Their collection of classic, exotic and contemporary stone is always evolving to keep up with the demands of Triangle Cabinets & Renovations' savvy and stylish consumers.

CRS has been family owned for over 20 years and is dedicated to providing quality granite and marble at competitive prices.  They bring stone from Spain, Italy, Brazil, India and China to their warehouses stateside, including one right here in Raleigh.

With over 150 classic and exotic stone slabs to choose from, customers are certain to find the result they are looking for.  CRS also stratefies their stones into five different levels, so consumers can also product that will fit their budget.  Pricing flexibility is an CRS Marble & Granite added plus.

Visit the CRS Marble & Granite website to look over the full selection and learn more.