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Caesarstone is an “environment-first” company that utilizes technology to create best in class surfacing products.  Founded in 1987, Caestarstone has been tirelessly dedicated to creating surfaces that combine workmanship, durability and affordability.

Clients of Triangle Cabinets & Renovations can make use of the full range of Caestarstone products, which incorporate quartz into their innovative Bretonstone process. Caesarstone slabs are manufactured by utilizing a mixture of ground quartz aggregates, pigments and polymers, to create superior products nature could only imagine. Their product line currently consists of over 40 different colors and textures.

Through its emphasis on innovation and technology, Caesarstone offers home owners and construction professionals the opportunity to enjoy  improved products that offer superior physical properties, in comparison to the traditional marble, granite and stone options, as well as other manufactured choices.

Learn more about Caesartone and its innovative products by visiting the Caesarstone website.