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Cambria quartz-based surfaces combine the beauty & appeal of natural quartz, with every day usage performance that its customers require.

Cambria stone surfaces are 93% pure quartz, which make them more durable and practical than traditional granite options.  They are less prone to unsightly cracks and damage, and fully capable of supporting creative edge shapes & overhangs, as well as more innovative design options.

Triangle Cabinets & Renovations clients will enjoy considering these efficient stone surfaces.  They are also nonporous and nonabsorbent, which make them a perfect kitchen choice.  Moisture from raw or leftover food has no ability to be absorbed and serve as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Cambria surfaces give off zero emissions and no radon; making them an ideal option for closed in spaces and rooms frequented by children.

Visit the Cambria Quartz Surfaces website to learn more about their products.