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Cosmos Granite & Marble

Cosmos Granite & Marble
Truly exquisite stone can become the centerpiece of any room it’s placed in.  Cosmos Granite & Marble can provide Triangle Cabinets & Renovations customers with some of the highest quality stone for countertops.

With Cosmos, you can bring a touch of natural beauty in to your home with marble, granite, onyx, quartz and limestone countertops from around the world.  Their inventory is constantly being updated, with arrivals from Brazil, Spain, South Africa, India and Madagascar, to name but a few countries of origin.

The selection is amazing, with hundreds of slabs to choose from, in all types of styles and colors.

When it comes to natural stone as your choice for countertops and other features, Cosmos Granite & Marble has you covered.

To get a closer look at their wide selection, visit the Cosmos Granite & Marble website.