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Dupont Zodiaq

Dupont Zodiaq
When it comes to quartz surfaces, the folks who create DuPont™ Zodiaq® quartz surfaces and the clients who count on Triangle Cabinets & Renovations, know that the end result must deliver aesthetics and efficiency.

Zodiaq quartz surfaces are an ideal combination of nature and science that are used to accomodate the best of contemporary residential and commercial design. Zodiaq surfaces are engineered with pure quartz crystals and are notable for their striking diamond-like characteristics.  Customers of Triangle Cabinets & Renovations will find these stone-based surfaces to be visually inspiring and extremely unique. When placed in rooms with access to natural light, the crystals in the surfaces actually shimmer.

Zodiaq surfaces are also GreenGuard-certified®,  to ensure low emissions,while delivering the high level of performance that modern consumers expect, in terms of heat, wear and scratch resistance.  For home owners looking to make an innovative statement,, Zodiaq surfaces are a great choices in kitchens and bathrooms.

See the striking colors and qualities of this innovative product, by visiting Dupont’s Zodiaq website section.