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The name “HanStone Quartz” has been associated for over six decades with excellence in the quartz surfaces industry.  Their history and commitment to innovation make them a valuable resource for the team and clients of Triangle Cabinets & Renovations.

In addition to the company’s Hanex Solid Surfaces division, Hanwha L&C Surfaces conducts a careful evaluation of every raw material – color, grade and composition – before the HanStone Quartz manufacturing process begins.  HanStone Quartz surfaces are blended to a ratio of up to 93% natural quartz aggregates to create product consistency that customers appreciate.

With the incorporation of advanced Breton™ Technology, HanStone quartz surfaces can deliver an almost unimaginable combination of looks, designs & colors.  Consumers and home improvement professionals such as Triangle Cabinets & Renovations get the benefit of striking beauty and engineered know-how that led to quartz-based surfaces that rise above the daily usage they encounter. There’s never a stain, heat damage, chip or scratch with these innovative surfaces.

Discover more about the HanStone Quartz Collection by visiting their website.