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Legacy Cabinets

Legacy Cabinets
Legacy Cabinets offers two distinct product lines and a diverse selection of products to meet the varied needs of Triangle Cabinets & Renovations customers.

The Advantage Series is a great choice for someone keeping a close eye on their  budget.  It includes a great collection of high quality, affordable choices, with 14 different door styles in oak, maple and thermafoil, as well as a variety of great accessories and finishes.

The Debut Series delivers an even more elegant style to our clients’ homes, with a wide range of design options, accents, finishes and molding to choose from.  There are literally thousands of combinations to create from over 70 door styles, over 100 color choices and six species, including cherry, oak, maple and hickory. The possibilities in the Debut Series are truly endless! 

Clients can also combine pieces from Debut and Advantage to create an even more customized and ideal result.  With over two decades of experience, Legacy Cabinets has a proven track record and plenty of solutions to help Triangle Cabinets & Renovations customers make their unique statement. 

Visit the Legacy Cabinets website to see examples of their workmanship.