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Meld is an innovative company that is redefining concrete … the way we see it, the way we use it and the role it can play in effective, affordable design.  Triangle Cabinets & Renovations is pleased to introduce this new look at an old, tried & true resource.

Meld envisions and creates innovative concrete materials and products for architects, designers, construction professionals and clients.  Imagine a product, such as a countertop, table, chair, or even an outdoor bench or path lighting.  Then conceive of a shape and design to go with it.  There’s a good likelihood you’ll find a Meld product that mirrors your thinking.

In their words, Meld “uses science to enable art.”  They’ve become masters at understanding effective ways for using this material to accomplish the objectives companies and collaborators they serve. They’ve created amazing derivative materials and devised user-friendly designs and products.

Learn more about concrete’s new intersection between practicality and innovation, and look over their products, by visiting the Meld website.