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Touchstone Fine Cabinetry

Touchstone Fine Cabinetry
If the sky is the limit or if you have a very specific vision, Touchstone Fine Cabinets is a great choice for your cabinetry.  This is a fully custom line that offers Triangle Cabinets & Renovations clients endless options to fit any space and any taste.

With a wide variety of styles, finishes and designs, including high gloss, exotic wood veneers, painted finishes, stained finishes and even foils, any look can be achieved.

Touchstone Fine Cabinets also provides diverse choices when it comes to the style of cabinet from European frameless designs to full and standard overlays and inset framed cabinets.

The Touchstone Fine Cabinets website has a great photo gallery with lots of examples of their products, as well as more information about the many options to choose from.