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Reynaldo Gonzalez


Reynaldo Gonzalez has been installing cabinets at Triangle Cabinets & Renovations since 2005.  In our line of work, frankly, we've had the chance to see a lot of really good installers over many years.  However, we can honestly say that Reynaldo is a rare find.

Reynaldo has a work ethic that is all too rare these days -- especially in the construction field.  Reynaldo will do whatever it takes to get the job done on time, and he has an unfair advantage.  Reynaldo has been blessed with an amazing talent to anticipate problems and visualize solutions long before they become obvious to everyone else. 

Why is Reynaldo so valuable for us and our customers?  His talent is saving time, saving money and meeting the deadlines.  

We hear compliments and rave reviews about Reynaldo all the time.  Clients are always telling us how polite and courtious he is.  They are also impressed with his intelligence, his approach to work, his speed and the quality of his installs. We're proud to call Reynaldo our teammate and friend, and so are our many satisfied customers.