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Terresa Mutart


Terresa Mutart has been in the interior design industry for over 20 years.  After a break to start a family, Terresa returned to the work she loves, by joining Triangle Cabinets & Renovations in 2012. 

Terresa's wide range of creative concepts serves her and our clients well.  She prides herself on adapting her talents to fit all styles of homes and individual tastes.  Terresa’s attention to detail and the her tireless attitude toward helping every customer, is a source of amazement for virtually every person she meets.   Over the years Terresa has built an especially strong reputation for her ability to transform kitchens from mere ‘work rooms’ into the hub of every modern floor plan.

Terresa's talents and passion for her work translate into meaningful and memorable results for her clients.  Her dedication and infectious personality leave a lasting impression.  In fact, several of her clients have become lifelong friends. Consider that just another benefit of working with Terresa and a win-win for everyone involved.  

 In her off time Terresa is a loving wife and a mother of three boys.  When she isn't taking interior design courses at Living Art College, Terresa loves reading books, grilling, playing outside with her little ones and being with family and friends.  Meeting every customer's needs is truly her priority.  Here at Triangle Cabinets & Renovations we can’t express enough how lucky we are to have Terresa as part of our team and family.